24-Hour Emergency Electrician in Orlando

Some electrical problems require immediate attention. Call Solaris Electric for fast, accurate service!

There are some situations that require immediate attention from a licensed electrician or electrical contractor. Even in newer homes, and with routine maintenance, you can encounter issues that can seemingly pop out of nowhere. Electrical problems are one property issue you definitely don’t want to tackle on your own. By working with our experienced 24-hour Orlando electricians at Solaris Electric, you can be sure that you and your home will be kept safe.

Installing a whole-house surge protector can protect your home and appliances from damage. If you’re not sure if you have one in your home, give us a call!

Common Electrical Emergencies

Not only is your electrical system the most complicated part of your home, but it can also be the most dangerous area to work on, especially without prior experience or knowledge. Electrical problems such as exposed wiring or overheating outlets can quickly lead to serious injury. They can also lead to property damage and fire.

Electrical issues are one of the top causes of residential fires, so extra care must be taken when working on any aspect of your electric system.

  • Power Surge During a Storm
  • Electric Meter No Longer Connected to Your House
  • Water in Your Breaker Panel
  • Rust on Your Circuit Breaker
  • Fuse Box Related Issues
  • Damage from an Electrical Fire

The best way to protect your home from power outages is with a whole home generator. We can help you find the right unit and integrate it into your power supply for added peace of mind.

Experiencing wiring problems or faulty outlets? Trust our friendly electricians to get the job done right! Book your next appointment with us.

Why Work With a Licensed 24-Hour Electrician?

Unlike the HVAC and plumbing system in your home, an electrical failure could leave your entire home susceptible to damage. In many cases, this can be caused by an outdated or damaged electrical panel. In other instances, a large storm or surge could have knocked out your power. When your home is getting no power at all, it’s important to call our professionals for help.

We take the time to inspect all your wiring and the electrical panel to find the source of the issue. While some situations are easy to repair, others require a complete system overhaul, which is never a top choice for homeowners.

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