How To Find a Great Electrician in Orlando

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I’m often asked how do you find a good electrican? It’s a great question and one that can make or break your electrical service experience, not to mention put your home at risk. Calling out of the phone book and searching on the internet can be like playing Russian Roulette… you never know what your going to getHere’s my top 5 to keep you out of the Russian Roulette game and what can help lead you to a great electrician and a positive experience for you and your home.


  • Look up the electrician to verify that are licensed and bonded with the State of FL as required.
  • Search online for review.
  • Do they answer the phone with a live person? If not then how can they truly service you and when will they call you back? A true service company that cares about it’s clients will answer the phone 24 hrs day 7 days a week with a live person. If they can’t answer the phones with a live person then don’t do business with them!
  • Ask if they drug test and nationally background check all their employee’s and can they provide proof of it? If they say NO then that is not acceptable, don’t do business with them!
  • Ask if they have written guarantee’s and warranty’s on all their paperwork? Do they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it’s not in writing and on all their paperwork I wouldnt do business with them!


Those are my top 5 and if you make them yours you too will find a great electrician and have a great experience.

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