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Winter Garden Electrical ContractorWhether you’re in need of simple maintenance for your Winter Garden home’s electrical system or you need in-depth repairs, you can always depend on the professional electricians at Solaris Technology. Our electricians have been providing the absolute best in electrical repairs and other services to homeowners and businesses in the area since 1998, and we’ve developed a nearly flawless reputation in that time by consistently providing high quality electrical work to all of our customers. We know how important electricity is to your home and to the lives of you and your family, so we’ll always do whatever it takes to make sure that your electrical system is functioning as well and as efficiently as possible.

No matter how urgent any electrical problem may seem, it’s very important you never attempt to work on it without the assistance of a licensed and trained professional as the work can be extremely dangerous. Not only could you easily seriously injure yourself or someone else while working on the repairs, but even small mistakes you make could be detrimental in the near future (the National Fire Protection Agency even lists faulty electrical wiring as the leading cause of house fires in the US). Our electricians are available 24/7 for any emergency repairs, and we’re always ready and eager to assist you with any problems you encounter.

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Winter Garden Landscape Lighting

One of the best ways to improve your home’s exterior appearance and raise the resale value of your property is to add a professional landscape lighting design. Our professionals can work with you to design a perfect landscape lighting scheme that will enhance and improve the best parts of your landscape. We can also guarantee that the lighting will always be completely functional, and the lighting fixtures will be permanently installed and connected to a singular power source that you can control from inside your home.


Winter Garden Electrical Remodeling

When you’re having any remodeling work done on your home, it’s very important that you have your electrical system upgraded or redone to support the new features you’re adding. Our electrical remodeling services are completely customizable and they’ll be designed to work with whatever project you’re working on for your Winter Garden home. That way, you never have to design a remodeling project around your existing electrical system.

Our professionals can also assist with the installation of any new electrical appliances or accessories and we can guarantee that they’ll be completely functional. Whether you need an electric garbage disposal installed in your kitchen or you’re working on a brand new entertainment center, our professional electricians can ensure that every part of your remodel is done promptly and professionally.

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