Your Smoke Detectors Have Expired for Orlando Homes

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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide DetectorSmoke detectors can definitely save lives. In fact, it is estimated that two-thirds of residential fires are the result of having no smoke alarm inside the home. When there is a fire, the smoke spreads quickly. In this case, only the smoke detector can provide the first line of defense. Below are some safety tips that will let you take full advantage of the benefits of smoke alarms:

    • Install a smoke detector in every room of your house. In addition, there should be a separate unit on each level of the home including the basement. Everything should be interconnected so that when one detects smoke, all will sound the alarm.


    • Choose a combination of photoelectric and ionization alarms for your home. This is because photoelectric alarms are most responsive to smoldering fires while ionization alarms are best for flaming fires. The combination will allow you to have the best of both.


    • Always save the device manual. The instructions provided there will be helpful for testing and maintenance.


    • The batteries of the smoke detectors should be replaced at least once every year. The device will typically give off “chirps” to signal low battery.


    • An electrician should install devices that are hard-wired. They should also include battery backup.


    • Smoke detectors “expire” after ten years. This is because the sensitivity of the device is reduced over time.




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