Professional Electrical Remodeling in Orlando

Electrical RemodelingYour electrical system is hugely important to every part of your home, so there’s a good chance that your electrical system is also an important part of any work you’re having done on your Orlando home. Without your fuses, switches, outlets, or wires functioning well, all of the work that’s done on your home will be wasted. At Solaris Technology, we know what an integral part of your home your electricity is, and whether you’re remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, or any other part of your home, we can make sure that your electrical system is always functioning as well as possible.

In many cases, rewiring your electrical system during a remodeling job can help you save money, and it can keep your home as safe as possible. Our professional electricians can either re-wire your present system or install new wiring to make sure that the system is not overloaded due to your remodeling project. Some of the electric remodeling services we can help you with include:


We can help you make sure that the kitchen in your Orlando home is perfectly functional after you have it remodeled. Often, new appliances can begin to push your electrical system to its limits, and making sure that your wiring is ready to support these additions is extremely important. Without proper rewiring services, you may see power outages or even fires or smoke damage.

Our electricians can also install outlets and lights, garbage disposals, dishwasher, icemakers, and more.

Entertainment Centers

Whether you need to add power to a room that will include an entertainment center, hide the power cords, or even add an outdoor music system to your home, our electricians can help.

We have extensive experience working with all types of power system and entertainment centers, and we can guarantee your satisfaction with all of the work we provide.

Custom Electrical Service

When you’re having any work done on your home, you don’t need to be constrained by your electrical system. Which is why our professional electricians offer completely customized electrical remodeling services. We’ll make sure that your electrical system can totally conform to whatever other changes you’re making in your home.

Whatever complexities are encountered during your project, our electricians will be able to handle them.

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