Attic and Ceiling Fans

Attic & Ceiling FansAt Solaris Technology, our goal is to provide every one of our Orlando clients with the absolute best in quality electrical services. All of our electricians are licensed, professionally trained, and extensively experienced, so we can always guarantee excellent workmanship and professional customer service. We also know how dangerous any kind of electrical work can be, and therefore how important it is that you always hire a professional for any electrical work.

Ceiling and attic fans are an extremely common feature of modern homes, and any problems you encounter with them may seem like easy fixes. But any time the repairs require any work with electrical wiring, the job should be turned over to a professional electrician.

Benefits of Attic and Ceiling Fans

Most homes in the Orlando area already include ceiling fans, but if you’re looking to have ceiling fans installed in your home, or included as part of a new construction, there are a number of benefits that you’ll receive.

  • Ceiling fans will help you cut down drastically on your air conditioning costs. They’ll keep your AC working more efficiently and lower the amount of energy you use to cool your home each month.
  • In the winter, ceiling fans can also be used to help you keep your heater more efficient.
  • Attic fans can help you keep your home more energy efficient as well by pushing hot air outside and allowing more cool air to come in.

Ceiling and Attic Fan Installation

Installing a new ceiling fan can be a complicated procedure depending on whether you already have a fixture in place and how close the wiring is. Our electricians can handle any ceiling or attic fan installation, no matter how complicated a procedure it is. We’ll discuss all of the options of the job with you before the work begins, and we’ll always be upfront and honest about all of our pricing.

We can add any additional bracing into the ceiling that you may need for support, and we can work with any variation on home wiring.

Attic and Ceiling Fan Repairs

Any number of things can go wrong with your ceiling or attic fans, whether it’s an electrical wiring mishap, motor dysfunction, or split bearings. If you’re having any problems with a ceiling or an attic fan (aside from dusty blades), hiring a professional electrician is your best option. Our contractors can handle any problems you notice with your fans, and we’ll make sure that all of our repairs are accurate and thorough.

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