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Home Electrical Upgrades

Fuse Boxes and Electrical Panels

If your fuse boxes or electrical panel are out of date, it can cause several problems with your electrical system. These two things are the core of your Orland home’s electrical system, and they’re your link to the outside electrical grid. So it’s very important that your panel and fuse box are able to support the amount of electricity that you and your family use on a regular basis—otherwise, you may see power outages, or you could find yourself in a very dangerous situation. The electricians at Solaris Technology can help you determine whether you need to have your panel or fuse box upgraded or replaced, and we can handle every part of the job.  

Breakers & Fuses

Breakers Fuses Your breaker box was likely installed during the construction of your home, and it’s very likely that it is no longer suited to provide your Orland home with the amount of electricity that you currently use. Certain fuses and breaker simply don’t have the capacity to keep up with the devices and appliances that are regularly used in modern homes. Our expert electricians can help you upgrade your home with an electrical service upgrade that can enhance its electrical capacity. Read More

Arc Fault Breakers

Arc fault breakers Arc fault breakers are used to interrupt the power when an electrical arc forms from a faulty or damaged wire. They work by sensing the difference between a normal and an irregular arc. If your home does not have an arc fault breaker, irregular arcs can cause sparks that may start fires. Most homeowners do not know that a regular circuit breaker will not be able to detect these irregular arcs and that without an arc fault breaker they are leaving themselves vulnerable to very serious hazards. Read More

Electrical Panels

Electrical Panels Electrical panels (which are also sometimes called panelboards, distribution boards, or breaker panels) are components of an electrical supply system that divide an electrical power feed into secondary circuits. They also provide protective fuses or circuit breakers for each circuit. Our electricians can make sure that your electrical panel is as safe and as functional as possible at all times. Read More

Panel Upgrades

Panel upgrades It’s important to remember that an outdated electrical panel is much more than an inconvenience. Outdated panels can cause irritating power outages, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg—they could also lead to damaging smoke or even a house fire. If you suspect that your electrical panel needs to be upgrades, call the professional electricians at Solaris Technology as soon as possible. Read More

Circuit Tracing

Circuit tracing A circuit trace requires the use of both a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter sends out a unique signal to the circuit to be traced. Once the receiver detects this signal, it displays a numeric value and a variable pitch/tone that increases as the signal becomes stronger. This method can help our electricians determine whether you need new circuits, wiring, or other electrical components. Read More

Appliance Circuits

Appliance Circuit Appliance circuits are an excellent way to ensure the efficiency and the safety of the appliances in your Orlando home. They’ll help stop the overloading of a circuit if two or more larger appliances with high demands for power are using the same circuit. Your large appliances need their own circuit to receive uninterrupted power and ensure the proper operation. Read More

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