Solar Photovoltaic Systems Services in Orlando

Solar Photovoltaic SystemsOur electricians can provide you with a solar photovoltaic system for your Orlando home that can help you eliminate high electricity bills once and for all.

This system is comprised of four components: solar panels, storage batteries, a charge controller, and an inverter. The most important of these is the solar panel. The solar panel receives photons from direct sunlight and converts them into energy.

Solar power is extremely efficient and inexpensive, so the cost of this system is easily recoverable.

There are three basic types of PV (photovoltaic) cell types:

  • Monocrystalline
  • Polycrystalline
  • Thin-film

Each of these can work very well, but monocrystalline cells are often the most efficient. Thin-film cells have an efficiency that continues to grow with the demand for solar panels, and they’re also the most cost-efficient option.

There are more and more manufacturer and models becoming available in the marketplace today, and our electricians can help you select the best options for your Orlando home during the design stage of your solar photovoltaic system installation. We’ll help you find a design that will give your home optimal performance during its decades-long lifespan.


How Solar Electric Systems Work

Solar panels work, in the simplest sense, by capturing energy from the sun and turning it into DC power. That’s why solar panels need to be mounted on the side of your roof that has the most exposure to the sun (typically north to west). After the solar panels have turned the sunlight into DC power, your inverter changes the DC power into AC power, which makes it a suitable power source for your home.

Lastly, the meter measures the amount of energy that your solar system exports as well as the energy you take from the grid.


Save Money on Your Electric Bills With Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Including the cost of installing solar panels, the average homeowner saves over $1,000 each year on electricity costs by installing solar panels. The most common way to start saving money is to lease a solar photovoltaic system for your Orlando, which mean that instead of paying the utility bills you currently pay, you’ll pay less to start producing your own energy.

To find out more about solar photovoltaic systems installation, design, and maintenance, call our professional electricians today to set a consultation.


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