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Save Yourself and Loved Ones from the Risk of Serious Electrocution!   


Two-thirds of all electrocutions in home in Orlando could be GFCI Outlet Orlando

avoided if everyone had GFCIs (ground fault circuit

interrupters) throughout their home. In particular, they

should be installed in rooms where water and electrical

appliances are found, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Homes that have young children and pets should

consider installing them, too.


GFCIs monitor the electricity moving through a circuit. Should you accidentally touch something

electrically charged, a GFCI will immediately notice the loss of current in the circuit and shut

off all electricity. You may receive a small shock, but you will avoid serious electrocution and

injury. GFCIs also prevent some electrical fires and reduce the severity if one should start. In

short, GFCIs can save you or your loved ones lives.


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