Electrical Inspections For Edgewood Residential Rental Properties & Property Managers

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edgewood-electrical-inspectionsIf you own or manage residential rental properties in Edgewood, Florida, it’s important for you to have electrical inspections done for all your properties so you can ensure the safety of your tenants. Renting out homes can be a big project, especially if you’re dealing with several at the same time. Making sure the property is in good, safe condition for your potential or current tenants is just a part of being the owner or designated representative of the property.

When renting homes, the homes are normally not brand new homes, which means they likely have an electrical system that’s been in place for some years. Electrical systems may seem like they’re an out of sight, out of mind system that should work no matter what, but nothing could be worse than to ignore or neglect to inspect the electrical wiring, panel, breakers, connections and other components that make up the electrical system of the home.

You may have just purchased the home or you may have had it for some time. Either way, having an annual electrical inspection or an inspection prior to the tenants moving is something that should be on your plans to do for your tenants. It’s an inexpensive service that’s highly beneficial to you and to your tenants.

Electrical inspections in Edgewood uncover problems with the electrical system before they make things worse. Letting those issues go can only cause more extensive problems or even fire or electrical shock. Even one loose wire in an outlet can cause catastrophic damages or death.

Aging Edgewood Homes Electrical Inspections

In Edgewood, older homes should have an electrical inspection done. There are always going to be hidden problems and/or visible problems with older homes because building safety codes change and electrical wiring systems get upgraded to be more safe. Your panel box, for instance, is probably outdated right now. If your panel box or your wiring is out of code and out of date, you need to have it replaced or the home simply isn’t safe.

Many people go for years trying to not have to replace the wiring. If you’re a new owner of the property, it’s likely the previous owner hasn’t had electrical work recently done. And even if the property was inspected by an inspector when you purchased the home, the home inspection isn’t as thorough as the electrical inspections are and if the inspector was hired by the seller you may not have been represented well with their findings.

Having your own electrical inspection done will be the only way to ensure you’re electrical system is working properly and is as safe as it should be. An electrical inspection should be done by a professional certified electrical inspector with years in the Edgewood electrical repair industry.

  • Improper electrical repairs or alterations
  • Deterioration due to aging
  • Faulty parts

Your electrical system could have been damaged by any number of things, even just normal wear and tear. Be sure to have the home’s electrical system inspected and any upgrades or repairs done, so you’ll not have to worry about how safe your Edgewood tenants are.

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